Aluminium rigid tubes


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Aluminium provides to the product inside the right protection from sun rays while the caps with drying agents avoid the deterioration of the product.

Ameri srl works as reseller of a foreign company who produces aluminum rigid tubes and aerosol cans: the production is realised on 35 lines granting a high-quality level and a wide range of products. Production plants are certified ISO9001 and ISO22000.


Diameter (mm):Min. Height (mm):Max. Height (mm):

In the table above you can find minimum and maximum height for each diameter; the correct size is established according to the type of product you need to pack, but the most common sizes are dia. 27,8×60 mm and dia. 37×85 mm.

Internal lining: transparent coating suitable for food contact
Customizations: offset printing up to 4 colors
Main uses: products in pills and pearls (food supplements, medicines) for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic sectors
Minimum order quantity: from 25.000 pcs

PP caps with safe, with or without silicagel and molecular sieves can be coupled to our rigid tubes.